Everett Collection is a vast collection of photographs that span celebrities’ lives. It includes many unusual or rarely seen images. These provide a precious glimpse into the celebrity’s life and turn otherwise pedestrian obituaries into something genuinely valuable. Because Everett Collection’s well-curated, high-quality collection is expertly tagged with useful keywords, writers and editors can find exactly the photo they want within the rapid turnaround required for a celebrity obituary.

It’s time to turn your media outlet’s obituaries into a moving retrospective.

Everett Collection has everything you need, with a vast, well-organized collection of images from across your subject’s career.


Picking the Right Photos

When someone has been in the public eye, people may remember them as they most recently appeared. A full, rich retrospective should have a series of photographs to remember the person at varying stages of their life and career.

But many media outlets lean on the same photos over and over again. These are often memorable, interesting photos, but they’ve grown stale from overuse. For retrospective purposes, it’s good to bring more unusual photos to the fore to make us consider the famous person’s legacy.


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