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Reporting on TV or cinema and need still shots. Quality still shots from video gives readers a taste of the action, even if they've never seen the video themselves. It helps you give your reader a real aesthetic, and anchors what might be an otherwise abstract movie review or essay. Many of the commonly-used stills are iconic. But if you're trying to make an impression, you don't just need the same tired screenshots. You need unique, vibrant unusual pictures to keep your audience active and engaged. But sorting through a mountain of still shots is difficult. You don't just need the perfect image: you need white-glove service and experienced researchers who've already categorized the images for you. That way, you can focus less on sorting through files, and more on creating your masterpiece.  

The Everett Collection's Movies

The Everett Collection is a repository of over four million images. Each item in our image collections is carefully curated by our experts, who meticulously tag each picture with useful keywords. This way, you can find exactly what you want quickly and easily, with no guesswork. The collection's still shots go back in time to the dawn of cinema. They run the gamut from major blockbusters that are hot off the presses to black-and-white silent rarities. The Everett Collection has drawn special attention for its sheer volume, but it's the quality that leaves users impressed. In the Everett Collection's archives, you'll find high-quality images from films your audience has never seen before.  

Tell Your Story

Imagine having the entirety of cinematic history at your fingertips. Everything is carefully categorized and easily searchable. If you can't find what you're looking for, you can rely on the Everett Collection's white glove service to find the perfect clip for you. With the Everett Collection's range and depth, you can tell your story in ways you never had before. Hearken back to cinema's golden age with a photo of a blushing silent movie starlet, or showcase a dazzling screenshot from this year's big-budget action blockbuster. Iconic movies are iconic for a reason. With the full range of the Everett Collection's images at your disposal, you'll be able to draw on the unique power of cinema in ways you haven't before.