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The Everett Collection's Fashion Images Selection

Fashion photography is nearly as old as photography itself. A well-picked fashion photograph is the perfect way to grab a reader's attention and create a specific atmosphere, whether that's aspirational luxury, somber seriousness or light-hearted fun. The Everett Collection's assortment of fashion photographs is the perfect repository of images, for both fashion professionals and casual writers and designers. With millions of high-quality, carefully sorted images of influential fashion icons across the ages, you'll swiftly find the exact picture you need to tell your story.    

Not Your Usual Image Selection

Most image collections aren't highly specialized. You could spend hours looking through a website, scouring it for just the right picture. The Everett Collection does away with this problem by hand-selecting images and crafting selections that are germane to particular trends or topics. Our specialized Fashion selection is full of over a hundred years of carefully sorted fashion photos, which go back to the dawn of the photographic era. Find just the right vintage image to accompany an educational article about an obscure Victorian fashion, or choose an ultra-modern, high-fashion shot from a contemporary luminary. The Everett Collection is unmatched in both its breadth and depth, with photos and illustrations from well over one hundred years of human history, around the world.

Carefully Curated and Tagged

Surprisingly few image repositories sort their images. If they do, they often leave sorting to computer algorithms, which make unusual tagging and sorting decisions. Even if a collection is sorted by color, time period or other factors, it's often difficult to determine the exact search term you need to use to pull up the type of image you're looking for. The Everett Collection's fashion specialists examine each image and analyze it for relevance. They apply a number of tags to each one, so you can readily search for it. Find the precise image you want by searching by style, designer, fabric or color. Or search our specialized collections, such as Red Carpet, Best Dressed, Now & Then and more. What's more, the Everett Collection is designed with the user experience in mind. Its web-based application lets you create lightboxes, for easy selection, sorting, and storage of images. Save your work online and come back to it later, or download it at your leisure. Our Fashion collection is a goldmine for any fashion writer, photographer, designer or other specialist. With universally high-quality images, impressive breadth and depth of the collection, and careful sorting and keywording, you'll always find exactly the image you need to tell your story, more quickly and easily than ever before.