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Celebrity deaths are jarring, even when it's common knowledge that the person is sick. When a famous person dies, media outlets typically run a retrospective piece to help the public process the death and remember the person's life. The right photography is crucial for these articles. Pictures are powerful, as they can help summon fond memories of a person's life and career. A beautifully written article with excellent photography, chosen from across the famous person's life, can help the public come to terms with a celebrity's death. Picking the Right Photos When someone has been in the public eye, people may remember them as they most recently appeared. This is particularly unfortunate when someone has been ill and in the public eye for a long time. A full, rich retrospective should have a series of photographs that memorialize the person at varying stages of their life and career: young and old, before they were established, and after they entered the public eye. But many media outlets lean on the same celebrity photos over and over again. These are often memorable, interesting photos that provide a useful window into a celebrity's life and career, but they've grown stale from overuse. For retrospective purposes, it's good to bring more unusual photos to the fore to help us consider the famous person's legacy in a new light.