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The Everett Collection Difference

The Everett Collection is a vast repository of over four million images. Many of these display celebrities at various stages of their lives -- from the height of their career, to before they became famous. Each image is carefully cataloged by the Collection's image experts. They assign detailed keywords to make each image simple to find, and also perform specialized white-glove image selection for clients like you. This way, it's easy to find just the right image in the Everett Collection, so you can turn around your news articles or other pieces in record time. The true strength of the Everett Collection is in the quality and variety of its pictures. Many of its images are unusual, and they don't have common use in popular media. These high-quality photographs from across the decades are sure to make audiences sit up and take notice. They add color and texture to any celebrity birthday, and turn an otherwise ordinary retrospective into a compelling window into a famous person's life and career. There's no reason to celebrate famous birthdays with the same old pedestrian pictures, year in and year out. The Everett Collection's broad selection of photographs enriches any news story, and displays a new side of even the best-known celebrities. And with careful key-wording and white-glove service, you'll find the perfect photo every time.